Shaft In Line with the Front Arm

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Shaft In Line with the Front Arm

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Ross Aug 29, 2014
A solid golf shot at impact has the shaft in line with the front arm, being supported/braced by the back wrist. This will have the shaft leading the club head slightly (the angle of attack differs with different clubs and ball positions*). So, since we want the shaft in line with the front arm at impact, we just setup with the shaft already in line with the front arm, so we don't have to try to find some position during the swing. This also allows the shoulders to take control right from the start. If the shaft points at your belly, you can stub the club on the takeaway and the hands will have to get involved somewhere to get it in line and once the hands take over, all the large muscles stop what they were doing to support the hands (not good).

*With my method, ball position fluctuates very little ... from just inside the front foot (short irons), to out in front of the front foot for Driver. This takes practice and experimentation, and is different for every golfer. Remember, we trap the ball as we rotate, maintaining the shape described in the first paragraph.

Took this photo of Rory (off the TV) this AM as Rory was warming up. This is just before he took the club back. Weight 60% forward and shaft in line with the front arm.
JoeJacksonQ Sep 12, 2014
Ball Position

Per YouTube and here on the site the Driver set up ball is 4 inches away from toe... I got that and practicing hitting consistent and long drives.... thank you.

I understand from practicing with irons the ball position.....hip socket hitting pretty good thank you.

On the YouTube correspondence you agreed with a reply of ball position (for woods) is at front toe and not hip socket... could please make a video on ball positions for wedges, irons and woods and/or at least state here?

Thanks JoeJacksonQ

Ross Sep 14, 2014
It is not quite that simple. Everyone is different and has to experiment to find the best positions for them. It also depends on the kind of shot needed and lie conditions.

I can say this though, the difference in ball position (in relation to the front foot), for 3 wood (on the ground), through all the clubs to Sand Wedge, is only 2-3" maybe. This would be from the front toe (3W), to just inside your front foot (SW). What changes dramatically is the width of your stance or the BACK FOOT relationship to the ball. Remember, we always rotate around the front hip. With shorter irons, the back foot is much closer to the front... then progressively gets farther away as the clubs get longer. Playing the ball in about the same position for all the clubs (Driver a bit different), is what makes this method more athletic and repeatable.

JoeJacksonQ Sep 14, 2014
Good Stuff Ross,

I went back to my 1 iron swing set (wedges/irons same length) just before using your swing method. So I just need three Swing positions 1 iron (7 iron pos), 3w (16 degree) and my 42 inch driver. I must admit I tried shoulder (down) swing earlier this month because it felt more powerful, wrong I focused back to your swing concept and realized my mistake was ball position as it differs from the suggested 1 iron (ball in middle) position. Now I work the 1 iron (7i equivalent) based off your method and is working great, as the iron/wedges hits have become more consistent. I studied your Driver video about 10 straight times and took to the range and the driver just took off. The only disconnect was my 16 degree (set up like the 7 iron). I will work with the clarified 3w position and adjust accordingly next weekend. I just been doing drills this past week and plan to continue for next week to deeply ingrain your concept.

I am a believer.... Keep it up Ross.
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