Fresh Milled

Freshly ground Wheat flour tastes so much better than flour out of a bag. Experience how delicious fresh milled Sourdough bread can taste. The textures are amazing and the flavors so natural, your body craves them.

Sprouted Wheat

Sprouted Wheat is another wonderful tasting story on its own. Sprouted wheat berries introduce extra flavors and nutrients into the berry during the sprouting process. These extra nutrients create an amazing taste and easier digestion.

Sourdough Starter

What is Sourdough Starter? It is only Flour, Water & Wild Yeast. Wild Yeast is everywhere. It floats around in the air, then lands on the flour & water and eats. This makes bubbles that give it the sour taste and makes the bread rise. Sourdough Bread, the oldest form of bread

Made with Whole Grains

Making Sourdough bread right after milling the flour, gives the most amazing flavors! You just can't get this kind of taste with old flour from the store. Nothing beats home baking!

Oh yeah, Sourdough is that good! Taste for yourself.

One of the best parts of eating whole-grain besides nutrition and taste, is the fiber and how it helps your body's digestion. I can use more or less Wheat for a more Rustic taste or hint of wheat. I can make the crust crunchy or a soft. It's all about Taste & Texture!

Great Breakfast Ideas!

Cut your Sourdough Bread into toaster size pieces. Drop them into the toaster or oven and let them turn toasty brown. Cover them in butter or your favorite spread. OMG! Next, mix up a couple eggs a little milk and some cinnamon. Set a frying pan on med heat. Drop a slice of Sourdough into the eggs, then place into the frying pan. You're now making Sourdough French toast. Yum!